Installing Solar power plant at your home or your office is a big decision to make. Although there are a billion plus points of getting solar panels at home, it still requires a big amount upfront. If you are installing a solar energy plant at your residence or at your office you need to be aware of the pros and cons of solar energy. It is not all rainbows and sunshine, when it comes to solar energy. While solar power affords a number of advantages. The disadvantages or cons of solar energy are also to be considered if you are to make an informed choice about using solar energy. 

Pros and cons of solar energy


In this article we explore the benefits as well as the disadvantages of solar energy. This should allow you to make an informed choice about solar energy, and be prepared in case you face any issues with solar energy. 

Many people are skeptical about solar energy and they inadvertently spread myths about solar energy. We are here to bust those myths and tell you what’s what. A lot of people consider solar energy to not be worth it as it costs way too much. But when you crunch the number you find out that the cost is nothing compared to the benefits of solar energy yield. But we should be objective and open our eyes towards the disadvantages of solar energy as well, because let’s be honest, solar energy can dampen a lot of your choices. For instance, once you have solar energy installed, you will have to think a thousand times before you decide to move. 

We explore all of these pros and cons of solar energy in this article. 

Solar energy has been around for a long time now, the scientific experimentation related to photovoltaic solar power began as far back as the 1800s. It was in 1954 that the first PV solar cell was introduced, and by 1983, PV production exceeded 21 megawatts. The long history of solar energy proves that solar technology has been around for far too long to be questioned. And the growing use of solar energy speaks volumes about the benefits it renders, which is the reason why more and more people are going for solar energy. At present 47.1 gigawatts of solar energy plants have been installed all over the USA. When so many people are going for solar power, it becomes a little obvious to say that solar energy is safe to use and solar energy is here to stay for times to come. No matter how many cons solar energy might have, the pros of solar energy far outweigh the cons. 

Advantages of solar energy: 

advantages of solar energy

The people who do not really know how solar energy works often think that solar energy does not work during cold climates. But that is not true, the actuality of the matter is that solar energy plants work better in lower temperatures. This is because excessive heat can hamper the output voltage for the solar plant. The amount of sunlight received would affect the output, but it does not mean that the output will be reduced to zero, as long as there is daylight, the solar energy plant would work. What’s more is that if you have a solar storage system then you can just store the excessive energy produced and use it when there is no daylight available. Thus, solar energy is suitable for all climates. It will work best when there is optimum level of sunlight available but, any amount of daylight is appropriate to power the modern solar panels. 

Here are some of the most relevant benefits of solar energy that will definitely make you wish you have a solar panel atop your house: 

  1. Put a dent in your electricity bill using solar energy. 
  2. No more worrying about grid failure.
  3. Increase the economic value of your property 
  4. Reduce your contribution to carbon emission and save the earth. 
  5. Get money for going ‘green’ with solar energy 
  6. Enjoy the innumerable uses of solar energy 

Because of these multifarious benefits, solar power is increasingly becoming the go-to option as a source of energy for a number of people. Thus, there are now an increasing number of solar companies in the USA , which offer solar energy installation at very reasonable prices. 

1. Put a dent in your electricity bills using solar energy: 

Advantages of solar energy: electricity bill

The topmost advantage of solar energy is the fact that using solar energy you can tackle your electricity bills. Most of the time we are not able to cut back on the utility bills no matter how much we try, because there really is nothing we can do to control it, unless we live like cavemen who have no electricity. Using solar energy thus, looks like a very attractive option that will reduce your electricity bill by a mile. While the rate of electricity has gone up by 5 %, and will most likely continue to rise, at the same time, the cost of solar energy has gone down by 70% in the past decade, and with research ongoing to make solar energy even more economical and cost effective. This should be enough to tell how in future, solar energy is going to be much more beneficial as compared to conventional sources of energy. Thus, using solar energy not only can you decrease your utility bills, you can also completely eliminate your dependency on conventional sources of energy. 

2. Grid failure is no longer an issue: 

advantages of solar energy- Grid failure is no longer an issue

Do you live in an area where grid failure is a regular business? With solar energy you no longer will have to be dependent on the stability of the grid for meeting your power requirements. You can have your own dependable source of electricity if you use solar energy. This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of solar energy. Solar energy storage systems help you store solar energy and use it as and when it is required. This creates a very reliable source of power for you. Thus, no matter how unstable the grid in your area is, you do not need to worry about your power needs. You can always depend on the sun to provide you with as much energy as you need. And when paired with a storage system, solar energy becomes even more dependable. 

3. Increase the economic value of your property with solar energy 

advantages of solar energy- add value to property

Another amazing benefit of solar energy is it helps increase the economic value of your property. The price of the solar installation will most likely be recouped into the market price for your property. On average solar panels increase the value of your house by 4.1 %. Thus solar energy is an investment that gives you a number of lucrative returns. 

According to a recent study by Zillow the the different states in USA offer a price acceleration for houses with solar power plants:- 

  • New Jersey: 9.9% increase in market value  or $32,281 more  for the median-valued home.
  • Pennsylvania: 4.9% increase in economic value  or $8,589 for the median-valued home.
  • North Carolina: 4.8% increase in economic value  or $8,996 for the median-valued home.
  • Louisiana: 4.9% increase in economic value  or $7,037 for the median-valued home.
  • Washington: 4.1% increase in economic value  or $15,916 for the median-valued home.
  • Florida: 4% increase in economic value  $9,454 for the median-valued home.
  • Hawaii: 4% increase in economic value  or $24,526 for the median-valued home.
  • Maryland: 3.8% increase in economic value  or $10,976 for the median-valued home.
  • New York: 3.6% increase in economic value  or $10,981 for the median-valued home.
  • South Carolina: 3.5% increase in economic value  or $5,866 for the median-valued home.

4. Fight global warming with solar energy

Advantage of solar energy- Fight global warming with solar energy

Why contribute to carbon emissions, when solar energy is there to take a more eco-friendly path, that is also extremely pocket-friendly? Another mighty benefit of solar energy is that it allows you to minimise carbon emissions. Solar is a clean source of energy that will never run out, unlike coal or fossil fuels. The conventional sources of energy are not only limited, they also produce a lot of carbon dioxide that is a major contributing factor in global warming. Solar energy on the other hand, affords a very big advantage of not producing any kind of polluting affluent which are converted into usable electricity or even thermal energy. With the increase in global warming and the decrease in the earth’s reserve of fossil fuels and coal, alternative sources of energy are being developed to take up the reins. Among these alternative sources, solar energy is the one that is used the most and can be used almost everywhere. 

5. Get money for using solar energy: 

Get money for using solar energy: 

The government offers lucrative incentives for citizens who install solar panels in their homes and offices. For example in the state of California, you could qualify for a tax credit of as much as 26% federal tax credit. Of all the incentives offered by the government,  solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) are one of the most beneficial ones. SREC is a solar incentive that is based upon the performance. For every megawatt hour of electricity produced by your solar panel, you can earn 1 SREC. to estimate your annual earnings 

A 10 kW solar panel can produce about 10-13 Mwh of electricity, thus offering you 10-13 SRECs.  The SREC prices differ in different stages in the USA. The cost of SREC in Pennsylvania is $21, in Maryland is $75, in D.C. it is $425 and the cost in Ohio is $ 10. So you can have an annual earning of ranging between $100 to $5,525 depending upon the state you reside in the USA.

So you are not only saving money but also making money using Solar energy. Now if that benefit does not make you want to jump at the chance of getting solar energy, nothing will! 

6. Solar energy has incredible uses: 

Solar energy has incredible uses

There is a whole list of the incredible uses that solar energy has. The benefits of solar energy range from using solar energy to produce electricity, which has seen a rapid increase in the number of people using solar energy for electricity generation. Growing about 40% more in just one decade. Solar panels are integrated with solar batteries to enable using solar energy even after sundown. Many people also use solar power for heating purposes. Whether it is space heating or water heating, solar energy proves to be much more effective and economical than the conventional sources of energy. Solar water heaters make use of a rooftop cell. This rooftop cell can absorb the solar energy, and transfer it directly to the water tank, thus heating the water inside. It is also used to heat swimming pools. The water is heated in the tank and then pumped into the pools. Another incredibly functional benefit of solar energy is using solar energy for space heating. The space heating mechanism usually includes a powering radiant floor or is paired with a forced hot air system (FHA system) in order to heat the home or office space. In winters, passive solar home design can be used for heating. 

Thus solar energy offers a number of exciting benefits that not only save your money, but also give you the opportunity to actually make money while at the same time taking steps towards a cleaner greener future. Not only are you eliminating your dependency to satisfy your power needs, you are also helping to conserve the already depleting resources of earth. 

Disadvantages of Solar energy 

disadvantages of solar energy

Nothing in this world is all sunshine and rainbows. There is always a flip side to things, and everything that has a pro has a supplementary con to it. So is true with solar energy. No doubt that there are a number of very exciting benefits to solar energy, still we cannot overlook the disadvantages or cons of solar energy when making a decision to get a solar energy plant installed at our home. 

Some of the cons of solar energy include: 

  1. Solar is useless after sundown:
  2. Solar is not ideal for all rooftops
  3. Solar can hurt the environment 
  4. Finding a reliable solar company can be a challenge
  • Solar is useless after sundown:

The obvious disadvantage is the fact that solar energy does not fulfill your energy requirements after sundown. Ironically, our energy requirements are at peak only after sundown. When we come back from work, that is when we require electricity to run the appliances at home. Buy solar does not stay with you till then. Solar panels only work as long as they receive sunlight as they convert sunlight directly into electricity. Now you could install a solar storage system, but that is an extra amount of cash that you would have to pay. And That is not cheap. A battery system for a 5 kW solar system, you would need to spend around $1,300 to $ 2,000. This means that for a solar system of 5 kW, the total amount you would need to spend on the battery storage would be around $ 7,000 to $10,000.  Are you ready to do that kind of an investment on top of the amount that you have already spent on solar panel installation? 

This essentially means that without the batteries or any other storage system, the solar power system is pretty ineffective because it will only work during the day but not during the time when you need electricity to the maximum level. 

2. Solar is not ideal for all rooftops

2. Solar is not ideal for all rooftops

Not all rooftops are ideal for the installation of solar energy plants. Since solar panels are installed by connecting a mounting system, aka Racking to your roof, there can be certain hurdles that you can face. Firstly, roofing material like slate or cedar that used to be used in older homes can pose a difficulty in placing the mounting system. Consequently, the presence of skylight or roof decks can also be a hurdle in installation of solar panels at home. Installation of solar panels at such places can be tedious and costly. However, this situation can be tackled by either having a ground mounted solar panel installed or, you can simply buy a share in the community solar garden. However, this still poses an obstacle in installation of solar panels.

2. Solar energy manufacturing can harm the environment. 

2. Solar energy manufacturing can harm the environment. 

Shocked? It is true, solar panels, or other solar energy systems have to be manufactured in industries. And as is the case with most manufacturing processes, similarly, manufacturing solar energy mechanisms leads to use of chemicals and a lot of harmful material. Thus, while as an energy source, solar is very clean and helps the environment, as a product of manufacturing, it is also contributing to carbon emissions as well as pollution. But the cost outweighs the benefit, that is to say, the amount of pollution that is caused while making solar panels is far less than the amount of pollution and conservation that solar energy affords. 

Where do I find a reliable solar company in the USA? 

2. Solar energy manufacturing can harm the environment. 

Finally, even if you have made up your mind to get solar installed at home, you have gone through the pros and cons of solar energy. The most important thing remains finding a reliable and dependable solar company in the USA that can offer solar energy plants to you at a reasonable rate. But we believe we can help with that. We have information on every solar company in the USA in your location. You can easily find the solar company nearest to you that will help you with the installation of solar energy systems at your homes. 

Thus, the advantages of solar energy far outweigh the disadvantages, if you choose to get solar energy system installed at your place, you have made the right choice, not for yourself but also for the environment.