Not happy with the power bills of your commercial property? Planning to switch to a solar system? Well, when you decide to switch to a solar system there are a lot of questions in your mind. However, such questions are normal.

When you have decided to install a solar system then it’s your right to find the best commercial solar panels. To make your search easier and to answer your queries, we have prepared a complete guide for you. This guide will help you understand commercial panels and their installation process.

Theoretically, people may understand the working and process of the solar system yet few questions keep them thinking about. Some of the questions are: is solar panels worth investing in? Will it be beneficial for my commercial property? How to begin the process? Will it give a return on investment? Are you bothered with the same type of questions? Now you need not bother, we are here to help you with every aspect to help you get the best benefits out of your commercial solar system.

With the increasing popularity of the solar system, many commercial owners have moved towards installing solar panels. One of the best ways to reduce your high power bills and to make a better investment is by installing solar panels.

Every year there is a rise in the installation of solar panels for business use. The ones who have already installed are planning to install even more. So, surely there is a benefit in such installation that’s the reason commercial owners are preferring solar systems over traditional energy.

Commercial Solar Panels Installation

So, let’s move towards understanding the commercial solar system. This step-by-step guide will help you to make the right choice in choosing the best panels. So, let’s get started!

Table of Contents:

  •   Why should you install solar panels on your commercial property?
  •   Enables Stable electricity price
  •   Non-financial benefits of installing solar panels
  •   Low maintenance
  •   Reduction in operating costs
  •   The installation process of the commercial solar panels

– Consider site audit

– Review the plan

– Permitting procedure

– Installation process

– Final inspection by the respective department

– Interconnection request

– Monitoring plan

  •   Suitable layout and designs for commercial solar panels
  •   Three factors that are unfavorable for your solar system

– Net metering problems

– Interconnection restrictions

– Monitoring plan

  •   Suitable layout and designs for commercial solar panels
  •   Three factors that are unfavorable for your solar system

– Net metering problems

– Interconnection restrictions

– Structural limitations

  •   Solar panels financing options

– Cash Purchase

– Solar Loan

– Solar Lease


  •   How to select the best solar company for commercial needs?
  •   Are there any disadvantages with commercial solar panel installation?
  •   Bottom Line

 Why should you install solar panels on your commercial property?

This is the primary thought that pops up in our mind when we plan about installing solar panels. Well, there are many reasons to go solar. The benefits of going solar is not hidden. However, you should understand the reason behind going solar only then you can grab the full advantage of it.

One of the main reasons for commercial owners to go solar is the reduction in power bills. Be it, house owners or commercial owners, one thing everybody is worried about is high power bills.

Commercial solar energy systems are beneficial for offices, commercial buildings and retail complexes as the use of electricity tariff is high here. When you have an alternative source that is beneficial as well as good enough to save your money then why not adopt it?

With solar panel installation, you can make the best use of electricity while also contributing to your future investment. Solar energy is enough to power all the appliances without any shortage and interruption. You just need to understand the requirements of solar panels and know about the commercial solar panel’s wattage then you are good to go. Once you know your requirements, you can easily move ahead with the installation process and recoup the best benefits out of it.

 Enables Stable electricity price

With solar installation, you can predict the average amount of your power bills. While with traditional electricity the bills may fluctuate, in fact, it is always more than what you expect.

Once you install the best commercial solar panels, you can get rid of the fluctuating power bills. Moreover, you can also benefit from the financial incentives and offers granted by the government. This will overall help you to save and also earn money. Thus, installing solar panels have more benefits than just a stable electricity price.

 Non-financial benefits of installing solar panels

Installing the best solar commercial panels is a boon to your business. Moreover, you can gain a good reputation by supporting environmentally friendly techniques and by going green. Thus, your organization will gain a better reputation because of your environmental consciousness. 

This in turn will help you to attract customers. Moreover, people would love to join your organization since you support environmentally friendly techniques. This will attract more younger employees to your organization. Even your employees will appreciate your stand on going green. And a happy working environment will ensure the smooth functioning of your business. This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are several benefits of adapting commercial solar energy systems. So, keep reading so that you don’t miss out on important points.

 Low maintenance

One of the best features of solar panels is that you need not bother much about the maintenance. However, maintenance is required but just twice a year or as suggested by the solar company. The maintenance also depends on the commercial solar panel’s wattage, size etc.

With solar installation, there are also fewer chances of power failures and power outages which are common in traditional energy sources. There are also fewer requirements to update wiring and other systems.

Moreover, solar panels have a life span of thirty years. So, if you maintain the panels properly as per instructions given by the solar companies then you need not worry for the next thirty years. Solar panels also come with a certain warranty. So, if there is any expensive damage the repairs may cost less or maybe free. However, this depends on the company-company rule.

 Reduction in operating costs

If you choose the best commercial solar panels with good efficiency, you can reduce the operating costs. Solar panels can work at their best on a low reflectance surface thus it will increase the efficiency of solar panels.

The low surface can enable good photons production thus efficiency level increases. You should also consider purchasing solar panels from a reputed company. They use the best materials to design solar panels to ensure efficiency.

Thus, all such factors eliminate operating costs.

 The installation process of the commercial solar panels

  •   Consider site audit:

If you are planning for solar panel installation then you should plan for a site audit. The solar company will go through your utility bills and rate of utility consumption. They will have a complete inspection of your commercial zone. All information is gathered which includes the structure and type of your walls. Then a proposal is prepared considering your location, size, energy production and placement.

The proposal contains a description of the type of panels and the inverters and wiring system.  You will also find a complete cost of the system which includes rebates, incentives, savings and other financial information. You will also find the warranty and guarantee information in the proposal. However, every company has a different rule. So, the proposed plan may vary from company to company.

  •   Review the plan:

Once the site audit is done, you should review the plan. The site audit is then presented to solar engineers. Then the plan is executed and implemented. While in this process, you may get the details related to efficiency, lifespan and other details relating to the project. Thus you need to review the plan before executing it.

  •       Permitting procedure:

Once the review work is done, permitting procedure needs to be completed. There is no such standardized process. However, depending on the project and the size of the panels and also complying with rules of government the permitting procedure has to be completed in time. Some procedures may take time; this entirely depends on the project, location, size, etc.

Some of the solar companies have their staff to get your permit work done. While this process is on you need to complete all the paperwork relating to incentives, taxes, and rebates.

  •   Installation process:

After the completion of the paperwork and permitting procedure, your solar panel installation process will begin. The installation process differs depending on the size and type of solar panels.

The installation process involves drilling the rafters to mount the solar panels. The problem of water leakage is also taken into consideration while installing solar panels. Usually, metal pieces are placed above the mounts to avoid water leakage. In the last process, solar panels are connected to rails and attached to the inverter.

  •   Final inspection by the respective department:

After the installation process, you will be all set and excited to use the solar panels. However, you need to wait till the final inspection. Yes, there is a little more wait once the installation is done.

After the installation process is done there will be an inspection from a respective department. They will inspect your panels and check whether the installation process is as per the permit.

  •   Interconnection request:

Commercial owners can apply for interconnection requests. The waiting time will depend on various factors such as location and requirements. There is also a need to fill an application form. However, the process may vary between different states.

Each state has its own jurisdiction system regarding the interconnection process. However, in some states, the process may be cost-prohibitive and a little more complex. 

  •   Monitoring plan:

The solar panel requires low maintenance. However, to improve the efficiency and to increase the lifespan of solar panels you need to maintain it properly.

You can hire a solar panel company to get a professional cleaning done every 6 months. Dust, dirt, and other factors affect the working of solar panels. So, make sure you keep your solar system clean. There are also monitoring services and devices available to keep you updated about the working of your solar system. Such devices also help you to calculate the amount you saved and the electricity used.

 Suitable layout and designs for commercial solar panels

One of the important factors to consider while installing solar panels is weight. Most of the solar panels are mounted on a commercial roof. Thus, it is important to consider solar panel’s weight.

As discussed above a complete inspection by the solar department and structural engineer is necessary. They will decide the best commercial solar panels and the right size for your requirements.

Make sure the roof plan is shared with you before the installation process. In commercial solar panels, flat panels are generally selected rather than tilt-frame. Flat panels are cost-effective and can be easily modified to make any changes.  On the other hand, tilt frames are comparatively expensive.

You can also opt for ground-mounted solar panels if the commercial roof isn’t suitable for panel installation. However, ground-mounted solar panels cost more and also require proper planning as compared to roof installation of solar panels.

Finally, it is your decision to decide the type and size of panels as per your requirements. Equally, it is important to consider the suggestion of solar engineers and the inspection team of the solar company.

 Three factors that are unfavorable for your solar system

Even though you have a perfect roof with the right climatic conditions, there are certain factors that are unfavorable for your commercial solar energy systems. Let’s have a look at it.

  •   Net metering problems:

Many states in the US encourage the installation of solar panels. The benefits of solar panels are no surprise. However, in a few states, the net metering policies are not very favorable for solar systems. Hence, you need to find out about the net metering policies before the installation process.

  •   Interconnection restrictions:

Solar companies have standard-setting to help protect the consumer’s interest. However, there are certain interconnection restrictions. The restrictions depend on the location and the state you reside. Depending on which state you reside you need to comply with the regulations and standards set by the government. Then, you can proceed to connect the panels.

Taking into consideration all the requirements including commercial solar panel wattage the interconnection permission is granted. In some cases, you may not get permission for a grid-tied system installation.

  •   Structural limitations:

If your commercial roof is old and the rafters are weak then solar panel installation is not the right choice for you. However, you can consider repairing your roof. This process may take time to complete. Thus, you need to wait until the repairs are done.

Inspection of your roof is very essential before you make the decision to install solar panels.

 Solar panels financing options

There are various solar financing options from them you can select the best option depending on your need. Your solar company can make the process easier for you, so you need to discuss the plan with them. They will help you find the best commercial solar panels with the best financing options. Let’s learn about the various financing options:

  •   Cash Purchase:

If you have the required capital and can bear accelerated depreciation and tax credits, then it’s a good idea to directly cash purchase the Commercial solar energy systems. There is no need for third-party interest rates and expenses. You can fully have ownership of the solar panels and can also save through your investment.

  •   Solar Loan:

This method offers you savings without an upfront cost. If you do not wish to make cash payment but want to make use of accelerated depreciation and Federal tax credit, then the solar loan is the best choice for you.  Your hired solar company can also help you find the best financing plan.

  •   Solar Lease:

This will allow you to own a system with a little or equal to no related upfront costs. This will initially allow you to reduce capital investment. This is a process of “lease to own” your solar system.

In most cases, the electricity savings is more than what you pay for the lease installment. Thus, you can have better savings with a solar lease.

  •   PPA:

This is an alternative technique to own and finance a solar system. With PPA you need not pay the upfront costs or bother about the maintenance and operation of your solar system. You can install the solar system without any worries with the PPA technique.

It is an ownership granted by a third party. The duration varies according to the contract. Till then you can enjoy the benefits of green renewable energy with stable and low electricity rates.

 How to select the best solar company for commercial needs?

No doubt, you should look for the company that offers the best deal. Apart from that you also need to consider various other factors. Now, what are those factors? You need to hire a company that has good experience in this field. Moreover, you should also check how long they’ve been working in this field. You should also consider their certification and check public reviews of the company.

You should make an effort to source different companies and then shortlist 3-5 companies. Now, once you shortlist these companies, you need to do deep research about them. Understand their working norms and most importantly check the reviews on their company website. This will help you in taking the right decision. After all, it’s a matter of your investment.

Before making the choice, you also need to understand about solar panels only then you can hire the right company. You should understand the commercial solar panel’s wattage and size. So, when you discuss things related to the solar panel with the company, you are clear about what you want.

Once you imbibe the knowledge related to solar panels, you can approach the solar company. Get quotations from the shortlisted companies, compare their prices. After you are done with this process, you should compare the services, warranties, maintenance, post services and operations. Lastly, select the one that fulfils all these criteria.

Commercial Solar Energy Panel

 Are there any disadvantages with commercial solar panel installation?

There are no such disadvantages but the main issue is the cost. You may feel the cost is a bit higher in the initial process. However, there is a decline in the solar system price to encourage the installation of solar system. So, the purchasing price is alternatively cheaper than before. And the icing on the cake is you save on your energy bills and it is a kind of investment.

Another factor to take into account is the sunlight. Solar panels are effective when the sun is bright, that does not mean it does not work in other weather conditions. Solar panels are effective all year round and in all weather conditions. If there is any problem such as natural calamities then you can buy a solar battery. This will help you store solar power and use the energy efficiently.

The last factor that makes solar panels extremely beneficial is the investment that gives you returns. Solar panels help you to save money on electricity bills plus it has low maintenance. Don’t you think it’s a sound investment?

Moreover, solar panels have a lifespan of about 30 years and if maintained properly they can function for a longer period. Thus, you need to hire a certified installer to get a good value on your investment in solar panels.

 Bottom Line

Business owners can have a huge benefit from the installation of solar panels. Just make sure you follow the guidelines of the government and you are good to go. Moreover, also consider the instructions of your solar panel company to install the best commercial solar panels.

Hire a certified solar company and take the maximum benefit of your solar panels!