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Best Solar Companies In Houston TX

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Sun Solar Company presents the top 10 solar companies in the city of Houston that have already built a credible and proven track record of their Excellency in solar panel installation.

Well, the city of Houston is highly favorable for solar panel installation in terms of climate as the city receives enough sunlight throughout the year. And if you choose to go solar, you can enjoy several solar incentives, rebates, and tax credits that make perfect sense to go solar in Houston Texas.

Houston ranks at No. 1 position in making use of green renewable energy and around 92 percent of its power is being sourced from wind and solar energy. This clearly reflects the potential of green solar energy.

If you’re on look out for the best solar company in Houston, check out this list which has been compiled after our critical and detailed analysis based on customers’ reviews, ratings, and companies’ achievements.


1. KiloWatt Solar

Kilowatt Solar

KiloWatt Solar is a Houston based solar company which is providing green energy solutions throughout Texas. With its honest energy plans and impeccable implementation, this company has acquired a 5-star rating on Google. Since 2007, KiloWatt Solar has been continuously contributing to help communities achieve energy independence, financial security, and more sustainable life. Going with this company means you’re bound to be satisfied. You can never go wrong with this company.

What People Say About kiloWatt Solar

Marcelo G. said,”

“We met Chris Hayden back in 2018. We installed 26 panels in my home. Very knowledgeable and professional. He explained all the processes and was always available for us. One of my best decision ever. We will call him again soon to install the Powerwall.”

2. TriSMART Solar

TriSMART Solar

TriSMART Solar is a highly reviewed solar company based in Texas. This company has the aim to provide the most affordable clean energy solutions to the people of Texas. Most residential and commercial solar power solutions are available at zero down payments. The team of TriSMART Solar is experienced and efficient at creating customized solar energy solutions that meet the individual needs of Texans. Their support team stands at your back at each step from start to finish.

What People Say About TriSMART Solar

Michelle B. said,”

“Trismart was a great choice for our solar panels. Our sales person was very helpful and he answered all our questions. We shopped around a few companies and decided on TriSMART because of the price and great product.”

3. Adaptive Solar

Adaptive Solar

Adaptive Solar is one of the long established solar panel installers, based in Houston, Texas. Since 2010, Adaptive Solar has been developing the most saving-oriented and dependable solar power solutions at a very affordable price. Along with the installation quality, their customer support is also commendable.

What People Say About Adaptive Solar

Ritchey said,”

“After hearing about 5 different companies about a system I had pretty much laid out in my mind, we chose Adaptive Solar Design.

They were basically the only ones not trying to sell us something we did not want. They made the most competent impression, and by the end of the day, we’re also the most cost competitive.

The craftsmanship is outstanding (a friend of mine went with a company that’s now bankrupt, who left him with holes in his roof that created leaks over time).

I seem to have a mediocre batch of micro inverters and a few died on me. But Adaptive Solar Design just orders a free replacement and also installs them with no extra cost, no questions asked.

I can 100% recommend this contractor to install your solar system!”

4. Sunnova

Sunnova Energy International Inc

Sunnova is a leading solar company based in Houston, Texas, trusted by over 100,000 homeowners for their unparalleled solar solutions, affordable solar plans, and 25 years of system coverage. With Sunnova, even highly customized and high-end solar systems are made available at $0 to little down payment. Apart from a solar installation, the company also provides battery storage and roof replacement services. It works with industries leading companies such as Tesla, Generac, and SolarEdge to meet customers each solar related needs.

What People Say About Sunnova

Domenick DiSimone said,”

“Everything went well from my initial appointment to installation. I’m excited to see the difference in my monthly bills using solar and not paying so much to the power company.”

5. KNS Solar

With over 16 years of experience in developing solar power solutions, KNS Solar which is based in Houston Texas is continuously moving forward to make the modern age energy independent. With its competitive pricing and a range of financing options, this company has made solar power accessible to those who are financially weak. This company is Insured and NABCEP Certified so, you can 100% rely on their skills and expertise.

What People Say About KNS Solar

Bridgette McKenna said,”

“KNS was very knowledgable and quick to respond to any concerns I had. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to switch to solar energy.”


Solar SME, INC.

SOLAR SME is one of the fastest growing solar companies located in Houston, Texas. Being the industry leader, this company has been providing the most innovative and affordable solar solutions since 2014, to ensure the energy abundance future for both people and businesses. Their solar systems are extremely solid designed with advanced technology to withstand environmental threats which require very little to no maintenance. 

What People Say About SOLAR SME

Dave Hartman said,”

“going solar was not easy. but Solar SME helped us from start to finish of the project. they gave us really great price and materials. the services and the communication were awesome really satisfying. highly recommended.”

7. Alba Energy

Alba Energy of Katy

Alba Energy is the most trusted solar company in Houston, Texas, created by a group of solar industry professionals in the year 2013. Since then, the company has been powering homes and businesses with solar energy at zero upfront cost. They have an in-house team of expert installers who perform a comprehensive assessment for your solar needs and design a customized solution to meet your particular energy needs. With their smart financing program, they make going solar more affordable for everyone in Texas.

What People Say About Alba Energy

Hector G. M. said,”

“We turned on our solar system on October 30, 2018. Satisfied with Sheldon Wilkinson and Sara with all of their help from the get go. Sheldon answer all of our questions. He has taken the time to stop by to check on us. I’m very satisfied with our system. It is a positive investment. 100% Satisfied with Alba Energy.”

8. Almika Energy

Almika Energy

Almika Energy is Texa’s leading energy provider which was founded 60 years ago. With its combined experience in electricity generation and renewable energy, the company has left solid footprints in the solar power industry. Their certified installers perform a thorough assessment for your home and design the right solar solution that can fix the cost of power for you for several decades to come along with reducing the carbon emissions on the earth.

What People Say About Almika Energy

Cpalmore said,”

I bought my panels from Almika about 6 months ago and have been very happy with them. My sales person was very knowledgeable and patient enough to answer any questions I had as well as walk me through the whole sales process. I bought a few extra panels just to make sure I didn’t have a bill in the summer, way to go Almika!

9. Awake Solar

Awake Solar is a solar company based in Houston, TX, that believes in giving the customers ownership of the solar systems instead of getting them on lease. This company highly encourages residential and commercial solar installations to provide pollution-free and sustainable energy future. With their continuous efforts, the company has helped several hundreds of homes to own solar power systems.

10. Texas Solar Group

Texas Solar Group

Texas Solar Group is the industry’s leading solar panel installer which designss unique solutions for unique solar power needs. They have installed thousands of solar systems across the nation since its inception. They are partnered with industry’s leading manufacturers including Panasonic, LG, and Enphase to provide highest quality solar panels that operate at peak efficiency to give you highest return on investment in future.

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