Planning to invest in solar energy? But confused whether to invest or no? Well, these are the common questions that click our minds. Whenever we think about investing in solar energy several questions keep buzzing in our minds. Whether it is the right investment? Will it give returns on investment? How does solar energy affect the environment?

Well, we are here all prepared to clear your doubts. We will help you understand how this renewable energy will contribute to your well-being. It’s not just about your well-being, it also has a good impact on the overall environment.

With the world promoting green energy, don’t you think we should also contribute to it? What else can be better than investing in solar energy? It is a natural source from the sun, resilient, efficient, and cost-saving. Moreover, it offers a return on investment.

With good investment, it offers other major benefits. One of such benefits is that it replaces fossil fuels. Thus, it offers better health conditions and the environment. While fossil fuels, unburnt particles have a serious issue on our environment as well as our health conditions.

With the increasing threat of carbon emission releases and climatic change, people are opting for renewable energy rather than fossil fuels. Among renewable energy sources, solar energy is one most preferred sources among homeowners. People are installing solar panels and enjoying their innumerable benefits along with returns on investment. Moreover, the future of this renewable source is bright. So, it is a profitable investment. 

In 2020, the solar system contributed 43 percent in generating electricity despite the pandemic situation. It is a huge contribution to the market share of the US. This natural source of energy is expected to grow even faster in the next five years.

Solar Energy

Let’s investigate the deeper insight of this renewable source and its benefits on our well-being and the environment:

Table of Contents:

  •   Cut down on electricity bills
  •   Controls global warming
  •   Provides renewable and clean energy
  •   Independence of energy
  •   Benefits health conditions
  •   Helps to cut down on climatic changes
  •   Upgrades your home value
  •   Less water usage
  •   Reduces dependence on the non-renewable source of energy
  •   Reduces land usage
  •   Reduces carbon footprint
  •   Long life span
  •   Inexhaustible energy
  •   Cuts down extraction process
  •   Traditional energy V/S solar energy
  •   Bottom line

 Cut down on electricity bills

Solar energy such as solar panel installation and solar battery can cut down your electricity bills. With the help of solar panels, you can see a huge difference in your electricity bills. It offers a reliable power backup through which the electricity goes back to the grid. Thus, you can save on your electricity bills.

With the increasing rate of power bills every year, it is a good decision to opt for solar energy. In the last ten years, electricity costs have increased by 15 percent and will continue to increase. Renewable sources like solar energy can offer predictable rates which are less expensive than the rates of electric companies.

So, to get a minimal electricity bill you should opt for solar energy. It’s not only about the electricity bills it is also useful for your environment. To know more about why solar energy is good for the environment, keep reading ahead.

Controls global warming

Our activities are burdening the atmosphere with harmful gases and carbon dioxide. Such harmful gases contribute to global warming. Thus, the result of such activity is harmful which comes out in the form of drought, storms, unusual climatic conditions, etc.

Around 29% of the global warming in the United States is from the electricity sector. This is due to the excessive use of fossil fuels. When we have an alternative solution to avoid such harmful effects to the environment, then why not adopt it? The benefits of solar energy are not hidden. It’s just that we need to accept it and get rid of the fossil fuels affecting our environment.

With our contribution and use of renewable sources like solar energy, we can replace the carbon-intensive sources and reduce emissions contributing to global warming.

 Provides renewable and clean energy

Home solar is considered the most renewable source of energy which is emission-free and clean. Unlike other gases, it prevents greenhouse gas release and harmful pollutants into the water and air supply. 

So, if you still have thought about how solar energy affects the environment? Then, to your knowledge solar energy does not affect our environment. In fact, it is the best source to keep our environment balanced and safe.

Moreover, it helps in controlling air pollution. People who have switched to solar panels can contribute to reducing carbon emissions from coal by about 5,000 pounds in New York City. 

So, with small changes in your lifestyle and adopting renewable energy sources, you can contribute in keeping the environment clean. Moreover, you are also investing in a brighter future.

 Independence of energy

Since solar energy is natural it does not need any dependence. Every nation can make use of this energy with security thus making it independent. With independence and security, there is no need for a larger electrical grid. Thus the benefits of solar energy are innumerable, you just need to use it in the right way to get the maximum benefit.

 Benefits health conditions

If you are thinking, why is solar energy good for the environment, then here is your answer. One of the biggest benefits of solar energy is that it cleans the air, therefore, results in less air pollution.

Moreover, as per the research, with the use of solar energy, you can reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides and other harmful emissions that can affect your health conditions.

With the adoption of solar energy, you can also avoid cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems and other health conditions caused by gas emissions and air pollution.

Your health is mainly affected by impure water and air pollution. However, with solar energy, there is no such problem. The solar system does not release any pollutant emission that affects your health.

By adopting solar energy you can not only have better health benefits but also save money on power bills. Start using solar energy and improve your health as well as the health of people around you.

 Helps to cut down on climatic changes

Many people have a question on how does solar energy affects the environment? However, we already discussed solar energy’s contribution is only to improve the environment and give you innumerable benefits while saving your money.

Now the question is how does it cut down climatic changes? Is it even possible? Yes, it’s true solar energy can help to cut down on climate change which we usually face every year.

This is due to the toxic gas present in the atmosphere that leads to climatic changes. Toxic gases such as nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide cause air pollution. These toxic gases are due to fossil fuel burning from human activities. Thus, by using solar energy such unwanted emission gets limited.

All such factors contribute to the heating of the atmosphere which results in climatic change. However, electricity from natural sources like the solar system does not produce greenhouse gases and other harmful gas emissions. There is no emission and burning of fuel here. Thus, it limits climatic change and promotes a better environment.

 Upgrades your home value

Among the many benefits of solar energy one advantage is that it upgrades home value. In the US the home value with solar panel installation is raised about 4.1 percent on average.

However, the amount may vary depending on the location and other factors. But you will surely get a better return on your investment. Even if you sell your property, you can get a better return with solar panel installation. The best add one is if you purchase a property with solar panels you can get the benefit of low electricity bills with advantages in tax incentives. Thus, the cost that you invested will recoup and also give various advantages.

Did you know with solar panel installation you can sell your property faster? Yes, with solar panel installation you can sell your property 20 percent faster than the property without solar panels.

Whether you want to enhance your property value with a solar system or for your own benefit, solar panel installation is a good investment.

 Less water usage

Other sources of energy require water in huge amounts around 20 -60 gallons per kilowatt-hour to produce energy. However, with solar energy, this is not the case. Solar energy does not need much water to function. If you check the numbers, solar energy consumes 85-90% less water as compared to the traditional form of energy.

Moreover, water is wasted and leaked by toxic products in generating traditional energy. By adopting solar energy, you can limit such wastage of water and promote a better ecosystem.

 Reduces dependence on the non-renewable source of energy

We already discussed how going green helps our environment. With using solar energy you tend to use less non-renewable energy sources. This again benefits the environment.

Fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy have a negative impact on our environment. They not only degrade our environment but also adversely affect our health. So why choose such a non-renewable source of energy when we have a natural source? Moreover, they even contribute to your investment.

Thus, make maximum use of natural solar energy and contribute to a green environment.

 Reduces land usage

Petroleum refineries, Coal plants, and natural gas plants require much of the land for their production purpose. The land usage is much and also it pollutes the overall environment. While this is the problem with non-renewable energy then how does solar energy affect the environment?

Well, solar energy is a natural source; it does not use much of the land to produce energy. Even if the land is used for producing energy it does not harm the environment. Take for example ground-mounted solar panels; they do not harm the environment in any possible way.

While non-renewable sources use excessive land which could be otherwise used for residences, businesses or other useful purposes. Did you know the solar system requires 20 percent less land than non-renewable sources? There is no extra space needed, the residential solar system occupies roof space. While the commercial solar system requires, even more, less space than the residential solar system;

So, by adopting solar energy, you can reduce land usage. Moreover, you can use that land for a beneficial purpose.

 Reduces carbon footprint

Solar being the natural source of energy is excellent in reducing carbon footprint. So, why is solar energy good for the environment in reducing carbon footprint?

Solar energy is sustainable and efficient for both commercial and residential use. Moreover, there is no use of water here to produce electricity. They are good for the environment because they do not release any harmful gases. Unlike non-renewable sources which affect the environment with harmful gases.

The interesting part is solar energy is free and abundant since it’s natural. If you use solar energy over traditional energy, you can reduce the carbon emission that is emitted in your daily energy use. Even if you install a small solar system in your home or for commercial use, you can reduce your carbon footprint and promote a green environment.

Solar Farm

 Long life span

One of the reasons to use solar energy is that there is no need for replacement. Solar panels have a long life span of about 30 years, isn’t it beneficial? There is no need for a change at least for 30 years.

However, some solar panels last for more than 30 years. It depends on the company and materials used to build solar panels. While other renewable sources do not have as good a lifespan as the solar system; It’s just a matter of one-time purchase and maintenance. Once you invest in the solar system the benefits of solar energy are innumerable.

 Inexhaustible energy

Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy since it’s natural. Solar energy gets power from the sun and we are aware of the abundant energy of the sun. The non-renewable sources of energy have an end but renewable sources like solar energy do not have an end.

You can use this unlimited source of energy without affecting the environment. Moreover, the personal benefits of this inexhaustible source of energy are not hidden. So, with a good investment, it is a beneficial and inexhaustible source of energy.

 Cuts down extraction process

The extraction process of non-renewable sources like fossil fuels affects the environment. Activities such as fracking, mining, and drilling can adversely affect the environment. The process of mining fossil fuels leads to flooding while drilling can contaminate water.

Moreover, fracking releases harmful minerals and chemicals causing a serious effect on the environment. Even coal mining releases toxins such as arsenic, lead, and mercury, all this can have a serious impact on the ecosystem.

Such techniques also affect marine life because oil is sourced under the huge ocean that can kill fish and other marine life under the ocean.

While the solar system uses natural sources and hence there is no extraction process. The natural process only involves positive impacts on the environment.

 Traditional energy V/S solar energy

About 67% of the total electricity in the US is produced from fossil fuels. The electricity is also generated by using petroleum oil, natural gas, and coal. These non-renewable energy sources are burned to generate electricity but they also emit greenhouse gases. Such poisonous gases mix with the air and spoil the climate; they also trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere.

This is the reason for your question: why is solar energy good for the environment? At least the natural source does not release such poisonous gas and spoil the atmosphere.

From manufacturing to the maintenance of non-renewable energy sources around 0.6 to 2 pounds of carbon dioxide are emitted. The number may look small but the per kilowatt-hour poisonous gas they release is extremely dangerous. Moreover, they have a bad impact on public health and the overall environment.

In the case of solar energy, sunlight is used to produce energy or electricity. This is a natural process. In this process, the solar panel receives sunlight and this is how electricity is generating by converting photons into electrons. This is a simple process and does not release carbon emissions and other poisonous gases. Thus, there are several benefits of solar energy on our environment and health.

 Bottom line

If you chose to go solar, you also need to know about its environmental benefits. Now that you know how beneficial solar energy is for your environment and health, you should adopt this renewable form of energy.

With natural technologies, we can limit the occurrence of natural calamities such as drought, storms, heatwaves, and climatic change. Moreover, you can also contribute to reduce global warming and offer a hazard-free environment. So, is your doubt cleared on how solar energy affects the environment?


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