There are several roofing materials available in the market. But is it compatible with a solar panel? Well, the answer is blunt no. Not all roofing materials are suitable for solar panel installation. However, the good news is metal roofing is a perfect match for your solar panel installation.

Metal is sustainable and environmentally friendly thus the benefit can be doubled when combined with solar panels. The benefits of solar panels are well-known and it’s no surprise. While thin-film solar panels for metal roofs are increasing in demand, the popularity seems to be high at the current time and also in the future. 

People who enjoy natural resources and like to use renewable resources should prefer solar energy over electricity. You are the potential customer and also an example of why people are going solar. In such a case, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the solar panel company near you. As you are curious about keeping yourself informed about the latest trends in solar energy: Don’t you think you should install a solar panel for your home?

With solar panels being more suitable for metal roofs, moreover, they offer stability and environmental benefits for permanent solar panel installation.

Solar Metal Roofing

To understand more about metal roofing with solar panels keep reading ahead:

 Table of Contents

  •   Metal roofing a perfect choice for solar panel installation
  •   Materials used in a metal roof
  •   Demand for metal roofing with solar panels
  •   Metal roofing the perfect quality for solar panel installation
  •   Solar installation process easier on metal roofs
  •   Increases utility savings
  •   Supports Green-Ness
  •   Easy to update the look of older buildings
  •   Increased life
  •   Metals roof with photovoltaic roof panels
  •   Does the metal roof accommodate laminates?
  •   Do solar roofs offer a sustainable home?
  •   Is the return on investment good for metal roofs?
  •   Metal roofs contribution to the green building certification system
  •   Do house owners prefer metal roofing over other roof types?
  •   Bottom Line

 Metal roofing a natural and perfect choice for solar panel installation

From the past four decades, metal roofing with solar panels is gaining a lot of popularity. With over 2bn sq ft of metal roofing installed each year in the USA. The more surprising fact is that the number is increasing rapidly every year.

The benefits of metal roofs are not hidden, with sustainability, versatility, and durability expanding in the overall US market. With various types of metal roof gaining popularity, corrugated metal roof solar mount is also in high demand.

 What are the materials used in a metal roof?

When we discuss metal roofing with solar panels the first thing that comes to our mind is what about the materials used in it? Are you thinking the same? To provide an accurate answer to your question, we have investigated the various materials used in metal roofing. The materials include zinc alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, steel, and copper

No doubt, each of the materials used has differences in price, durability, appearance, etc. While aluminum and steel are commonly used materials in metal roofing. The best part is both are durable and economical in all types of solar panels including thin-film solar panels for metal roofs.

 The demand for metal roofing with solar panels

From 2010 to 2021 the overall demand for solar panels has increased. Around 2 million people have installed solar panels. With innovative technologies like photovoltaic roof panels, the solar panels are all set to record new growth in the coming years.

With the various variables in the metal roofing that enhances its look and functions, it is gaining demand in the market. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly. So it is an overall package with good appearance, functions and also other benefits.

 Does metal roofing have the perfect quality for solar panel installation?

Installing solar panels is not just about 2-3 days, it is a lifetime investment. Hence, you need to take care of the roofing and essential things. The rooftop plays an important role in solar panel installation. The structure and the base of the roof need to be strong, installing a solar panel in a cracked roof means a poor base. Thus, you may face a lot of trouble in the future.

With the metal roof option, you can ensure the quality of the roof is excellent. Moreover, with newly added technologies like corrugated metal roof solar mount, you can build a strong foundation for solar panel installation.

So, if you are looking for a durable yet attractive base then consider metal roofing for solar panel installation.

 Is the solar installation process easier on metal roofs?

It is less expensive and easier to install solar panels on metal roofs. While other types of roofs can be challenging to install the panel. Also with the latest photovoltaic roof panels, it gets very easy to install the panels.

Metal roofs have components such as better load, lightweight, and zero penetration while maintaining the warranty without any leakages and holes on the roof.

 Increases utility savings

Metal roofs can save utilities by helping the solar panels to reflect heat. It helps to harvest the natural source of energy which is enough for your electric grid. If the solar has not covered the other parts of your roof still the metal roof can do an excellent job by meeting the power you need.

Moreover, thin-film solar panels for metal roofs, it is even more convenient for the installation process. It helps in sending back the energy to the grid; this is how it helps in utility savings.

 Supports Green-Ness

The materials used in metal roofing can consist of recyclable materials and metal. By chance, if you want to remove the roof in the future it can be recycled. Moreover, a metal roof is also beneficial for rainwater harvesting.

The water that sheds from the metal roof has less debris as compared to other roof materials. Isn’t it amazing? Along with providing a good base to the solar system, it can also be useful for water harvesting.

The best part is even after you install the solar system you can still use the roof to harvest water. So, it offers 2 in 1 benefits.

 From an environmental perspective, it is very beneficial- as responsible citizens, we should support green-ness. Moreover, with recyclable materials that will assure a profit, we should surely opt for metal roofing.

 Easy to update the look of older buildings

Metal roofing is available in all textures and colors. So, it is best if you want to update the look of your old buildings or if you want to match the color of the campus or neighborhood. It is easy for the metal roof to get in any color to match the surrounding environment.

So, you can change your roof to any color and enhance the look of your roof and overall home.

Solar Panel and Metal Roofing

 Increased life

The average lifespan of a metal roof is about 50 years. And solar panels can last about 30 years. In the case of traditional roofs, you need to remove them out and replace them every 10 years. Isn’t it too early? It expires even before the lifespan of solar panels. Hence, it can be costly, on the other hand, a metal roof with a good life span can prove cost-effective.

For metal roofs, there is no need for a change at least for 50 years. Moreover, the life span of the solar panels gets over but the metal roof still remains undamaged. With new technologies such as thin-film solar panels for metal roofs, it is even more convenient and increases the lifespan of the material.

The traditional roof can also cause a defect in the solar panels and thus it may deteriorate its life span. Moreover, it may also cause problems to the walls and interior of your building. Thus, it does not leave any other option than replacing or getting it repaired. Hence, a metal roof is best in all aspects.

 Metals roof with Solar panels

With modern technologies such as photovoltaic roof panels, the metal roof is in high demand. They offer a better warranty, after all, we search for things that offer good longevity and warranty. Let’s check out other benefits of metal roofs installed with photovoltaic roof panels:

Metal roofs are engineered to withstand extreme climatic conditions such as hurricanes, high winds, etc. They even offer a good warranty of about 40 years. Thus, it eliminates the irrelevant expenses, you can be assured that it’s safe for about 40 years.

Racks can be easily installed on metal roofs. The standing seam metal roofs look elegant and enhance the overall look of the house. Such roof types bond well with solar systems and offer many usages and eliminate unnecessary costs. The metal roofs with fasten rack locks prevent penetrations that cause water leaks and other leakage problems. Thus, metal roofs are beneficial for photovoltaic roof panels.

 Does the metal roof accommodate laminates?

Yes, a metal roof accommodates laminates. These are other options for solar panels. Here thin-film solar panels for metal roofs adhere to the surface of the roof with good backing.

The electricity production is also good for such panels. Some of these systems may have a light rack that can be fastened to your metal roof.

 Do solar roofs offer a sustainable home?

With long-lasting and convenience for solar panel installation, metal roofs are sustainable. They offer eco-consciousness to the homeowners to have a sustainable home.

Moreover, there is a lot of energy savings. The energy cost is reduced by 50 percent. As metal roofs keep your home cool the cooling costs are reduced by 40 percent. Metal roofs have a reflective coating that sends back the harsh UV rays from extreme heating.

With its reflective property and other features, it can offer a sustainable home.  You can observe a notable change in your energy savings; it offers good benefits when combined with a corrugated metal roof solar mount.

 Is the return on investment good for metal roofs?

With the decision to install solar panels there is a need for a new roof. Nowadays homeowners are opting for metal roofs because they are cost-efficient and less expensive in comparison to other roof types. This leads to a better return on investment. The photovoltaic roof panels with metal roofs are a true asset to your property.

When you compute return on investment for metal roofs you can clearly see the difference in how a metal roof is beneficial. As discussed earlier solar panels have a life span of about 30 years: Once the lifespan is over you need to install it again. In many cases, roofs are also changed while installing panels. However, if you have metal roofs there is no need to change as the metal roof’s life span is more than a solar panel. Isn’t it a return on your investment? With the traditional roof, you need to spend on the roof again along with the expenditure of installing solar panels. So, it’s a kind of return on your investment.

The other exorbitant costs of installing solar panels with traditional roofs are:

  •   System downtime
  •   Remove modules
  •   New wiring required
  •   Remove racking and mounting system
  •   Components might get damaged
  •   Re-roof
  •   De-commission during re-roof
  •   Reinstalling of PV system

 With a metal roof, you can avoid all such exorbitant costs. Moreover, with its good life span, the roof will be strong and it offers good service every after the expiry of solar panels.

 Metal roofs contribution to the green building certification system

If you want to have a complete eco-friendly home then opt for metal roofs. It can help you earn points from the green building certification system. This is an added advantage of having a metal roof. Moreover, due to its reusability property, you can earn from it through third-party collectors and companies.

Hence the metal can be extremely beneficial in various aspects. It can double its benefits when combined with a corrugated metal roof solar mount.

 Do house owners prefer metal roofing over other roof types?

With the solar system decreasing its cost significantly in the past decade the solar system popularity, ROI and breakeven are increasing every year. And with the metal roofs with minimum installation costs, it is a good investment and makes better financial sense.

Metal roofs are solar-friendly and it is durable, cost-effective, and attractive. Moreover, there is no maintenance required for metal roofs. With time, house owners have realized the importance of metal roofs in connection with solar panels. Hence, the majority of the house owners are opting for metal roofs over other roof types.

 Bottom line

Innovations in the metal roof with advances in thin-film solar panels for metal roofs provide a secure and simple method for installing process. Moreover, metal roofs provide impressive savings as compared to other roof types.

With so many benefits and savings, it is a good idea to invest in metal roofs. Whenever you plan to install solar panels consider installing them with metal roofs. So, are you ready to install solar on the metal roof? If yes, then we believe your experience will be amazing.

Invest today for a better return on investment!