Are you tired of paying high power bills every month? If yes, then this guide will solve your problem. However, you are not the only one dealing with this problem. There are millions of people worldwide who are victims of high power bills. There are no other options than to pay for it. Don’t you think these giant electric companies are like a monopoly? They raise the electric rates without even informing and expect people to pay the bill without uttering a word. Not fair, isn’t it?

To help you get out of this problem, we will be explaining in this article why people should install solar panels for home. We will give you an overview of this concept. So, stay tuned!

 What exactly is a solar panel and how does it work?

It is basically a device that is used to turn a light in the form of electricity. It is a collection of various solar cells. These small parts of solar cells when put together are good enough to provide the required electricity. As the sun hits these cells on the solar panel, electricity is produced. Circuits present within these cells get passed through the device such as inverters and get converted into electricity. You can store this electricity, use it or even send it back to its grid.

The key to installing a proper solar panels for home is to have a well-constructed plan. You should also take care of safety measures. Moreover, you also need to be careful of a few things to make sure the installation process runs down smoothly. Check the safety measures before installing a solar panel. If you are planning for self-installing then there are complete solar power kits for homes. Just make sure all the purchasing materials are available in your kit. Be careful while you unbox the package. Inspect the items in your package to make sure nothing is missing. Check the guidelines of the solar panel company.

 Increasing demand for solar panels

The demand for solar panels is booming around the world. In the U.S.A the overall growth rate of going solar has increased to around 42 percent. From the past eight years, solar has gained 1st and 2nd position in addition to electric capacity. Almost 43 percent of the overall electric capacity that is added to the grid is from solar. So, it’s the biggest achievement as compared to the past. Solar panels demand is continuously increasing in the U.S.A which has allowed it to increase its share in electrical generation.

All businesses and homeowners are installing solar panels that come along with battery storage. However, this type of pairing is a new addition but the demand for it is expected to rise in the next 5 years. We can expect a growth of around 25 percent for this new addition by 2025.

Despite the pandemic situation in 2020, the U.S solar market has achieved an overall record of around 19.2 GW. So, solar panels are definitely in high demand now.

 What is the price of solar panel installation?

Solar panel cost is decreasing every year. However, the cost ranges depending on several factors. Some of the factors include your state, energy use, equipment, and many other factors. Now, you must be getting curious to find out the exact amount. We know that you are curious, hence, we have curated the estimated cost for you.

In the present year, the total cost of the solar panel is nearly USD 20,000 after all the tax credits. However, solar panel prices have decreased in the past five years. Around 20 percent of the overall cost is decreased.

Solar panels for residential use are normally sized between 3kW- 8kW. The cost may vary between USD 9,255- 24,552. So, if you want to find the cost of solar panels for 3 bedroom house, you can calculate accordingly. Furthermore, energy usage and utility costs will also decide the price. Moreover, the area where you reside will also influence the cost.

If you are looking for the best solar panel for home use then you can get a fair price by comparing the quotes from various companies.

Installing a Home Solar System

 What is the difference between commercial and residential Solar panels?

Today, most people around the world are switching to solar energy. Be it a house owner or a business owner. However, are you aware of the fact that solar panels are not equal for residential and commercial use? If not, we will guide you here.

There are numerous differences between residential and commercial solar panels. The differences depend on the color, installation, efficiency, and size. Let’s, get into it deeply.

  •   Color:

Usually, solar panels for commercial use are white in color but for residential use, the shade is usually white or black. However, white color is very common among residential and commercial use. Most of the house owners prefer black color on black backing but commercial people look for black color with white backing.

  •   Installation:

The installation process of solar panels is the same for residential and commercial. However, installing solar panels for commercial use is easier as compared to residential installation. The process is easy because they get attached to a flat upper roof and also along with a ballasted non-penetrating mounting system. In the case of residential, the solar panels need to lay flush in the shingles. This process needs to go slow. Residential solar panel installation may take around one to two days to complete. While commercial solar panel installation can take around one month to complete.

  •   Efficiency:

The solar panels of commercial use can produce more power as compared to residential panels. This is because they are incorporated with more cells. Moreover, the efficiency of commercial panels is better than residential panels.

  •   Size:

Size is an important factor to note the difference between solar panels. The size of commercial panels is bigger than residential panels. Nowadays homeowners are installing commercial panels in their house as it produces more power. If you require more power for your house then it is advisable to install commercial-sized panels.

What are state laws and grants for Residential Solar?

If you install a solar panels for home, the person is eligible for the income tax credit. People who are on lease and PPA are not eligible for the tax credit.  They are exempt from this because they do not own it. A PPA will provide cost savings as compared to what electricity bill you are paying currently.

 Those who install solar panels for home can get a 30 percent federal tax credit comparing the total cost and services. However, the tax credit has reduced to 26 percent from the 2020 service.

Insurance information for homemakers:

Every insurance policy is handled differently by the insurance company of the homeowners. Installing a solar panel won’t actually increase your insurance amount. However, we recommend you consult the insurance agent. So, you are sure whether the appropriate cost is covered or additional costs need to be paid.

 How solar is replacing the conventional source of energy?

Solar energy is a trending topic these days. Gradually, it is replacing the conventional source of energy. It is renewable energy and hence considered sustainable energy. Moreover, it is very beneficial and it has proved its financial and environmental benefits over the conventional source of energy.

Here is the reason why this energy is extremely beneficial:

  •   Increased stability and predictability:

Whatever happens in the fossil fuel and political environment, one thing you can be sure of is that the solar equipment will not get affected due to it. Even if there are any changes in coal regulation, fossil fuels cost will run the industry.  While solar panels will offer you benefit by recouping the cost and will save your power bills.

  •   Enhances property value:

Solar panel installed property has good value. It upgrades your home and makes your property look beautiful and can attract the buyer. Moreover, they will even pay a premium amount if you have solar panels installed. So, don’t wait anymore go solar today and get the best solar panel cost from a reputed company.

  •   Environmental factors:

Every kWh generated by solar power reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and also various other harmful pollutants. Thus, this will result in less carbon footprint and better environmental conditions.

  •   Cost savings:

After the installation of solar panels, homeowners can enjoy lesser utility bills. The actual savings of the homeowner is based on the size of the solar panel installed and also the home. Other facts such as the daily amount of electricity consumption and local rates of electricity will also determine the utility bill amount.

  •   Remote power:

If you reside in a remote locality the access to power lines may be difficult and may be expensive. Here is when solar panels can help you to generate a power line.

 What are the products that can be operated through solar energy?

Solar products are buzzing everywhere. It’s energy-conscious and environmentally friendly, you can use almost all the products based on solar energy. You will be surprised to know its innovative and fun products. So, let’s go through its products:

  •   Solar charger:

This charger is suitable to charge your laptops, batteries or phones. However, charging a phone consumes little electricity. Through a solar charger, you can save a lot of money while you use it every day.

  •   Water heaters:

If you have electric geysers at home, you must be knowing it consumes a lot of electricity. If you replace it with solar water heaters it can be cost-effective and you can save yourself from high power bills.

  •   Solar lights:

Solar panels for home can be useful to power indoor lights. They save a ton of electricity and also save your money. This is also useful in the conversion of energy which is important nowadays.

  •   Solar oven:

If you love going for family picnics and camping then you will fall in love with the solar oven. It uses solar energy to operate and works at 350 degrees. The solar oven consists of glass so that it can easily absorb sun rays and heat.

  •   Heat tubes:

These are fiberglass tubes that look similar to thin cylinders. You can fill these hollow tubes with water to heat your rooms.

  •   Heat swimming pools:

Solar units can also be used to heat swimming pools. If you don’t have a solar kit inbuilt then you can purchase it. However, it’s a bit costly but is useful in energy saving.

Solar Panels for Home

Why should you go for solar panel installation?

If you are confused about deciding whether to install a solar panels for home or not. Then, you should surely go solar and this is the right time to install. It is an affordable investment and as we discussed earlier the current installment cost is lower. Check the below reason’s, why you should install solar panel:

  •   Protect yourself from high energy tariffs:

Installing a solar panel means you are saving a lot on power bills. The new generation of solar batteries is good enough to serve all your needs. This is best for people who want to cut down their power bills.

  •   Reduces carbon emission:

A single installation of a solar panel can save a tonne of CO2. Solar energy produces very little or you can consider no emission at all. That’s the reason the demand for solar panels is rising every year.

  •   Lasts longer:

The components present in solar last for a long time. If you choose a reputed company they can give you a warranty of 25 years. This is an excellent deal when compared with other sources of energy. 

  •   No side effects:

For instance, if you install generators it can stain your walls and creates a disturbing environment with its noise. However, with solar energy, there are no such side effects.

 How much is the annual saving on Solar Panels?

The consumption of average electricity for U.S residential is about 10,694 kWh per year.  On average, it will come up to 877-kilowatt hours per month.

If you multiply it by an average national electricity rate of about dollar 0.13 per kilowatt-hours, you can find out that electricity bills of US families will come up to dollar 1,390 yearly. However, if you install solar panels the average savings of a household would be around dollar 1,390 yearly.

 Bottom line:

We believe this guide has helped you to familiarise yourself with installing a solar panels for home. These are the general guidelines and steps you need to look for. However, every solar project is different and unique in its way. With so many benefits of installing a solar panel, you should not wait anymore. Consult a solar panel company today and go solar!