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We make the best match between the homeowners and the solar installers to help homeowners save tens of thousands of dollars by connecting them with our huge network of solar manufacturers and installers. Our mission is to make going solar super-easy with full transparency.

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This platform comes as a hub for accredited solar companies and solar installers who have a valid certification provided by leading solar industry organizations such as NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) or any other govt. approved organization.

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    Find the top best solar company in United States in no time

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We make the best match between the homeowners and the solar installers to help homeowners save tens of thousands of dollars by connecting them with our huge network of solar manufacturers and installers.

Our mission is to make going solar super-easy with full transparency.

We understand how significant this investment is, that is why before enlisting any solar company on our website, we perform a thorough Pre-screening, during that we analyze their customers’ reviews, product quality, and their commitment for servicing and maintenance. Once the company satisfies us by meeting our standards and parameters, our admin team provides approval and then their company’s information is updated on the site along with a link through that visitors can connect to them to get answer for their queries and finally get the services.

No matter which company you choose here, you certainly get 25 to 30 years warranty which is nearby half of your life. Such a huge warranty itself speaks for its quality. When it comes to solar installers, you get full-service solar installers who are capable of doing everything related to solar installation.

In other words, we call “Sun Solar Company” a one stop solution provider for all solar PV related needs.

We understand that every person comes with a different set of requirements and budget, which is why the visitors can have multiple quotes from different companies and can choose the one which highly suits them.

Sun Solar Company simplifies your search for a solar company by providing you a wealth of options with sufficient information. It saves you a lot of time and energy.

Just one click places you on a website where you can know anything about solar and solar company. If you’ve any doubt or query, you can get in touch with us.

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Solar panels are made out of solar cells which are also referred as photovoltaic cells. These solar cells are made of silicon in a way that it has a positive layer at one side and a negative layer at the other side which creates an electric field. When several solar cells are linked together, they form a solar panel.

When photons (particles of sunlight) hit the solar panel, it activates the cell and causes electrons to move which creates an electric current. But because this current is a direct current so it cannot power the home appliances. To make the use of this current, there is an inverter which converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). Now, this current flow through wires of your home and business connected to the solar panel and powers all of the gadgets and appliances.

However, over the years, there is a significant decline in the cost of solar panels. On an average the solar panel installation can cost you between $10,000 and $25,000 including solar panel cost and labor cost. This cost can vary depending on the size of the solar panel. What size of solar panel you need it depends on your total monthly electricity usage.

The number of solar panels you will need, it depends on your energy needs. Generally, a solar panel generates around 1 kWh per day. If your daily usage is 25 kWh then you will need to install 25 solar panels to have complete energy independence. This way your total energy needs can be fulfilled by the solar panel system itself.

If we talk about typically an American family then average energy consumption for a U.S. residential utility is around 900 kWh to 1000 kWh per month. The average electricity rate in U.S. 2020 was $0.136 per kWh. Thus, you can save around $122 to $136 per month and approximately $1464 to $1632 yearly. This is just an estimate; it can be more or less depending on a number of factors including the size of panel, amount of solar radiation your house or business receives, and electricity rate in your state.

Generally, it is not required as most of the solar panels are connected to the main grid from where the user can pull electricity to fulfill their requirements. But if you live in an area where power outage is common or you’re having an off-grid solar power system then having a solar battery can be of a great advantage as it can help you run your solar-powered home efficiently when there is any electricity down time.

Of course, solar power panels work on a cloudy day or when there is low light. But due to the fact that solar power panel needs sun light to produce energy, the efficiency of solar panel will be higher in direct sunlight. On a cloudy day, the production of energy will certainly get reduced but it will still work.

Being a novice user, you may doubt that the rain will affect the efficiency of solar panels. However, the performance and efficiency will be affected on a rainy day as the system will not get sufficient amount of sunlight to produce energy. But the good thing about rain is that it removes the dust from the panels and makes them more effective.

The cells in the Monocrystalline solar panel is composed of a single crystal silicon which provides more room for the electrons to move and it results into more efficient solar panel system while Polycrystalline solar panel is composed of cells that are formed using many-crystal silicon. Because the cells have multiple crystals so there is less room for electron to move which result into lower efficiency as compared to Monocrystalline solar panels. But if money is a constraint for you then Polycrystalline solar panels can be more suitable for you as these are less expensive than Monocrystalline solar panels.


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